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VPS Hosting For Security And Uptime

VPS Hosting for Security and Uptime If you’re looking for an upgrade from shared hosting without the expensive investment of dedicated hosting, VPS hosting is the right choice for you. VPS website hosting allows you to grow your website with your hosting package, while gaining privacy, security, customization and increased performance. Our four different levels of VPS hosting provide the right solution for your hosting needs. All four of our VPS hosting packages include 24/7 technical support with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We monitor every server around the clock to make sure your website(s) remains live. With a highly skilled … Continue Reading

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Cheap WordPress CMS Hosting

wordpress hosting

Every web hosting plan includes WordPress absolutely free! Once your account is active simply login to your control panel, click Fantastico, and then click install WordPress. We support WordPress and we even have a one click automatic installer so no technical knowledge is required. WordPress hosting is one of the key web hosting services offered by The Host Group. WordPress is a free tool developed by the WordPress foundation and it’s used by millions of bloggers online. Since its inception, WordPress has given many people a platform to air their views on various issues through blogging. WordPress is developed in … Continue Reading

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Affordable Joomla Hosting for Websites

Joomla is an efficient content management system that has enabled many people to successfully effectively create their own websites, and manage web content. This is because Joomla is written using PHP tailored to publishing web content on intranet and wide web using MySQL database. Some other features available through joomla include language internalization, printable pages, polls, and RSS feeds. Joomla is an open source program. Being open source, it is completely free to use and has undergone extensive tests to be in top condition for use for the open source community. Java code is readily available for any developer for … Continue Reading

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CMS Hosting for Websites

A content management system is popular software used by web designers in the design of interactive WebPages. CMS resides in a server replacing web pages as a way of displaying a website. In real sense this pages do not exist instead, they are made from a database by CMS software. In addition, website features are added by plugins. This eliminates the need of custom development. Using CMS separates content from design as page design is based on template. The advantage of this is that a site owner can change content without affecting the page layout in anyway making design issues … Continue Reading

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The Best Web Site Hosting Services

Webhosting is an internet service that enables individuals, and organizations websites to accessible via the web. This is possible when a server space is leased from a webhosting company. In addition to providing server space to clients, webhost companies also carry out file maintenance, and other web services. Webhosting services are available free of charge or at a price. The latter is more reliable, and secure. Some of the webhosting services available include free web hosting service shared webhosting services dedicated hosting services managed hosting services Grid hosting, and virtual dedicated service among others. It is thus of fundamental importance … Continue Reading

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Cheap Web Hosting for Websites

It is human to get the best deals in life, web hosting included. Cheap webhosting does not necessarily mean inefficient or unreliable webhosting services. Cheap hosting services are ones that are affordable and have the capacity of delivering at an optimum level twenty fours a day, 365 days a week. Cheap webhosting is especially favorable for personal websites or small business. The average cheap webhosting price is $3 a month. As earlier, mentioned, cheap webhosting need not be confused with mediocre services. Cheap hosting services should be equated with affordability. Cheap webhosting plans have increased tremendously in the recent past … Continue Reading

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eCommerce Web Hosting for Online Stores

The internet is the new frontier for world business, and thus it becomes imperative for any business wanting to conquer new markets, and consolidate existing markets to have an online presence. Ecommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, selling products and buying products is slowly replacing the traditional system of buyer and seller interaction. Today, a trader in the United States sells a product to a customer in New Zealand with just a click of the button, something that was unimaginable years ago. To facilitate such interaction in a wide scale, it is very important for a business to select … Continue Reading

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Dedicated Webhost Services

A dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved to serve the needs of a single customer; usually a large business. A dedicated server is the obvious choice for companies and business that require high-level security, high amount of resource, and reliability. Sharing of a server has many challenges compared to the use of dedicated servers. It is like sharing a single room with a roommate, issues of congestion, and other issues are always bound to happen. Dedicated servers have excellent customer service. This is because dedicated servers customers are usually long-term and upend customers. One of the … Continue Reading

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Affordable Unlimited Web Hosting Services

The Host Group offers the best-unlimited webhosting plans available in the market today since 1998. There is unlimited disk space and transfer with plenty of room for your website to expand. With a performance of 99.999% uptime and price guarantees why go elsewhere? Our web hosting service offer unlimited disk space. Unlimited disk space gives you or your business the chance of creating a big online presence without the fear of being limited. You will not receive any penalty for going beyond the ceiling because our web hosting plans are feature rich and ceiling free. With The Host Group you … Continue Reading

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Website Hosting Services for Individuals & Businesses

The business structure of webs hosting services is changing by the day, and webhosting companies have ventured into new areas. This is change is necessitated by the fact that the webhosting business is increasingly moving towards the commodity market especially for companies offering low-end shared hosting. Web analyst postulates that in the coming days, web-hosting companies will be faced with a strong competition in filling positions with system administrators, application development, programmer position and administrators. Web host companies that focus on web specialties and collaborating when a need arises will and remain true to web hosting principles will realize growth. … Continue Reading

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