Cheap WordPress CMS Hosting

Every web hosting plan includes WordPress absolutely free! Once your account is active simply login to your control panel, click Fantastico, and then click install WordPress. We support WordPress and we even have a one click automatic installer so no technical knowledge is required.

WordPress hosting is one of the key web hosting services offered by The Host Group. WordPress is a free tool developed by the WordPress foundation and it’s used by millions of bloggers online. Since its inception, WordPress has given many people a platform to air their views on various issues through blogging. WordPress is developed in a web application coding language called PHP and it uses mySQL for storing your data.

Using WordPress is very easy. WordPress can be operated by anyone who knows how to use a word processor and it’s done straight through your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari). You only need to login, click the install option and your WordPress website is up and running.

Once you sign up, you will experience the following benefits:

Unlimited pageswordpress hosting
Search engine optimization tools
Free templates
Free menus
Easy to use
One click WordPress installer

WordPress Hosting for Personal Blogs or Business Websites

The fact that it is possible to customize your WordPress to suite your personal or business needs has made it one of the most attractive blogging tools online.

With WordPress, the following can be achieved.

Creation of static pages
Uploading of media files, images and videos to your site
Linking with social media to include Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to promote your blog

When searching for a web hosting company, it is important to consider your budget limitations, chance of expansion, robustness, support services, backup services, and blogging needs. We excel in all of these areas and The Host Group is the best hosting solution for your personal or business WordPress website!

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