SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

In short it’s your way of telling your clients and website visitors that security is important to your company and you make every effort possible to secure their personal information! From a technical perspective it means encryption. When a visitor comes to your site and you have an SSL Certificate installed a padlock is shown in their browser to show them that their transaction or information is secured! All information that’s sent between your site and their computer is then encrypted, which stops hackers from being able to intercept the information.

Who should use an SSL Certificate?

If your website does any of the following you should have an SSL Certificate installed to protect your client’s information:

  • Processes credit card transactions
  • You use a form on your website that visitors use to enter in their information
  • E-commerce websites of any kind
  • You want your visitors to know that you take security seriously
  • Your site contains sensitive information

Pricing: $59.95/year

You and your clients can enjoy the Power and Security of SSL encryption for only $59.95/year.

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