VPS Hosting Prices – What You Can Really Expect to Pay

What are the Advantages of Paying the VPS Hosting Prices?

Many things about hosting, like the VPS hosting prices, can be very confusing. There are three basic types of hosting and VPS hosting falls right between shared and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is the cheapest, whereas dedicated hosting is the most expensive. Knowing what type of hosting you need is the first place you should start.

Shared hosting will put you on a server with many other hosting accounts and it is a bit like a buffet for the resources.

It is very much a first come, first serve, type of system. VPS hosting is another form of shared hosting, but you pay for your own partition, so all the resources of that partition are yours. Dedicated hosting is going to give you the full server all to yourself.

This is why the prices works the way it does and the VPS hosting prices fall right in the middle. With shared hosting you get the least access to the resources of the server, and with dedicated hosting you get the most access. VPS hosting gives you more than shared, but less than dedicated and that is why it is in the middle.

Many of the advantages of VPS hosting are similar to what you get with dedicated hosting. It was created to fill the gap from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting because many businesses could not make the jump since shared hosting is so cheap. VPS hosting fills that gap very nicely and is set up very well for the growing company.

It is more secure than shared hosting and it will allow you to use more resources than shared hosting will. The VPS hosting prices are set up in a way to help you control your spending by choosing how much you need for a price you can afford. The structure allows you to upgrade whenever you need to and to grow with your hosting.

The Best VPS Hosting Prices

The reason the VPS hosting prices are set up for you to grow with your hosting is due to the way the price is figured. If you choose a smaller package to start off, then you will have a very small monthly fee. This fee can start as low as $10 a month and go up from there. Then, when you need more resources for your website and/or blog you can upgrade to the next level.

Typically, hosting companies will offer a small, introductory package for under $20 a month, then the package can go up from there in increments of about $20 or $30 a month depending on how they are set up. Most of the best VPS hosting companies will offer between 8 and 12 different packages with a range in price from $10 a month to $200 a month.

With the VPS hosting prices you can start off with the bottom level to get your site going, then upgrade when you get to the point that you need more resources. This is a great way to allow your hosting to grow with you. If you decide you are getting too big for VPS hosting, then it is time to move onto dedicated hosting.

Why Choose to Pay the VPS Hosting Prices?

When you compare VPS hosting to shared hosting there are some major benefits that will help justify paying the VPS hosting prices.

You get a more secure account with custom security options, a choice in control panel set up, and your own resources.

This will usually lead to a faster website or blog and less vulnerability to being hacked.

Looking at VPS hosting compared to dedicated hosting the advantage is all in the pricing.

If you were to jump from shared hosting at the most expensive price of $20 a month to dedicated hosting at the cheapest price of about $140 a month, then you are taking on quite an expense. Instead, you can pay the VPS hosting prices and work your way up to the higher priced dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting And All It’s Tangible Benefits

There is one major reason why VPS hosting is so incredibly popular and it has to do with the price and the benefits. This type of hosting gives the user many of the same benefits as dedicated server hosting, but is not nearly as expensive. To really understand the benefits and advantages of VPS hosting you have to first understand what the other levels of hosting are.

Most people start off with shared hosting because it is by far the cheapest hosting you are going to find. This type of hosting will put your account on a server with many other accounts and you will share the resources. Now, the distribution of resources is not equal, which is part of the problem. The other problem is when one account gets hacked all the others on that server are vulnerable.

Dedicated hosting is used mostly by larger businesses or those with the money to afford a server. This can come in two forms, one being the purchase and housing of your own server, and the other is when you rent a server from a hosting company. Dedicated hosting is the most secure and gives you all the resources of the server.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, is still sharing a server, but you have a partition of that server all for your account. This means you are not sharing it in nearly as vulnerable way as with shared hosting. You also know the resources you have and how much you have used. The security is not as good as dedicated hosting, but it is much better than shared hosting.

Why VPS Hosting is the Best Option

When it comes to hosting the next best thing to dedicated hosting is VPS hosting.

This is simply because if you cannot afford $150 to $2,000 a month for your hosting or even more, then you cannot afford dedicated hosting. Instead, you can spend between $10 and $200 on a VPS hosting package.

You will still get a set of resources assigned to you specifically and you will not have to share them with anybody else.

You will also be able to customize your security and you will not be as vulnerable if someone attacks another account on the same server. Sharing a server is still sharing a server, but it is much better to share it this way than with shared hosting.

Another great benefit is the speed your site or blog will load at. With VPS hosting you will have more speed than if you have shared hosting. Your speed will be very similar to that of dedicated hosting. This will, of course, depend on the package you buy since the larger the package is, the more resources you will have.

Who Should Use VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is mainly for those trying to make money from their website or blog and those needed a higher level of security. You are going to benefit from VPS hosting if you choose to go with a package large enough for your website or blog, but it is not for everybody. Some businesses need to go with dedicated hosting and others can get away with shared hosting.

If you are just starting off you may want to begin with a small VPS package and upgrade as you grow. This is much better than getting stuck with shared hosting and never upgrading.

Bloggers should also consider VPS hosting because it only takes a few posts to really gain some traffic. If you become a high traffic site, you will miss out on making money and on visitors due to the slower speed of shared hosting. You want to make sure you are taking advantage of your traffic and that is one great reason to switch to VPS hosting.

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