About Us


is a web hosting provider tailored to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses. The company has been providing great service to customers since 1998. Since then, thousands of people have chosen THE HOST GROUP to host their web sites, store fronts & files. Hundreds of resellers have chosen us as well to help improve their capabilities and grow their businesses with our 100% branded reseller hosting solutions.


THE HOST GROUP has hired only the best managers to direct the company. Our management has many years of experience in the technology, Internet, International business & financial management fields.

Service & Support

Technical support and customer service is the number one issue brought up by our clients. The majority of our client base has come to us from other providers due to the lack of technical and customer support. Our clients tell us that we are the best web hosting provider they have ever used and we offer a testimonials page for your review.

THE HOST GROUP offers “real 24/7 support” and does not use an answering service like its competitors. Call our offices any time of the day or night and speak directly with a support analyst on a toll free number.


THE HOST GROUP is a cash flow high/positive company and has no debt. Therefore, we are not in financial jeopardy. The company has also refused many offers to sell. We have committed to our client base that we will be here for the long run and offer fair and honest services.

Global Reach

THE HOST GROUP hosts thousands of web sites in over 100 different countries. We have a heavy presence in the United States and Canada.