eCommerce Web Hosting for Online Stores

The internet is the new frontier for world business, and thus it becomes imperative for any business wanting to conquer new markets, and consolidate existing markets to have an online presence. Ecommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, selling products and buying products is slowly replacing the traditional system of buyer and seller interaction. Today, a trader in the United States sells a product to a customer in New Zealand with just a click of the button, something that was unimaginable years ago. To facilitate such interaction in a wide scale, it is very important for a business to select a webhosting company that will ensure that reliability, and security both for the business and for the customer is guaranteed.

An ideal webhosting company such as the host group should be in a position of facilitating ecommerce for the smallest business available. This is possible, as the webhosting company gives the business a chance to fully utilize economies of scale. Through provision of services such as 99.9% uptime guarantees, efficient technical support, and around the clock customer services.

Understanding shopping carts

A shopping cart is software designed to operate as an ordering catalogue. Essential, a shopping cart is the interface between a website and its infrastructure that makes it possible for customers to select merchandise, review purchases, and make payment. A shopping cart is an indispensible tool in ecommerce in the following ways.

Storefront design
Inventory control
Tax calculation

The shopping cart selected should be easy to use and above all ensures confidentiality and security for both your business and customers. Setting up a shopping cart requires the following; a domain name, hosting account, a shopping cart system, encrypted pages, and payment processing account.

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